While you were sleeping

Let your body work for you while you’re sleeping

We do get most of the nutrients we need from the food we eat (if we eat well that is), but a little extra help can’t hurt…

Perricone MD Super Berry with Acai Dietary Supplement Powder, R750 for 30 sachets. You’ve all heard about antioxidants, well this is them in a packet! And it tastes like sherbet…just saying.

Solal Health Prescriptions Beauty Nutrients, R149.99 for 30 vegicaps. Your hair, skin and nails will thank you for these.

Our skins regenerate at night as they aren’t having to fight hard against free radical and other nasties. Help it on it’s way with restoring and nourishing night creams like these.

Garnier Even Restoring and Brightening Night Cream, R79.95

Neydharting Moor Regenerating Face and Neck Night Cream, R980

Optiphi Moisture Control Ultra, R1377

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