Filorga Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution

Filorga Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution, R360 for 400ml.

Filorga Micellar Solution

What they say: The Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution is a physiological cleanser and makeup remover. It is more than a fragrance-free cleansing liquid. It is a cutting-edge, active solution that:

–       Removes makeup

–       Instantly dissolves waterproof makeup

–       Ensures effortless makeup removal from the eye area, thereby avoiding pulling on the fine skin of the upper and lower eyelids

–       Does not sting the eyes

–       Respects the skin’s physiological balance, causing no redness.

–       Leaves the skin feeling comfortable, without any tightness

Thoroughly cleansed, soothed and in-balance, the skin responds more readily to subsequent treatments.


What I say: I love Filorga and love cleansing waters even more, so was beyond excited when this landed on my desk! And as I have never used a Filorga product that didn’t do what it said it would, I tried it immediately!

I wear waterproof mascara almost everyday, and until now, the only cleansing water able to remove it was Bioderma Sensibio. I’m happy to report that Filorga’s new launch does the job just as well!

It leaves my skin feeling super-clean and incredibly soft. Most importantly, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling even the tiniest bit dry. (Again, only Bioderma was able to boast this until now). I’ve even noticed that my serums are absorbing quicker since I’ve started using it.

The only thing I don’t love about it is the packaging. It’s great that it’s in a 400ml bottle, but I find it too big and the cap too tight for me to use easily, so I have decanted it into a more manageable sized bottle.

ROUGE RATING: 4/5 (And this is only because I have to decant it. The formula gets 5/5.)