Macrame, but not as your parents know it

An ancient knotting technique has been transformed to create beautiful modern jewellery.

Arabic knots

Dating back to Arab weavers in the 13th century, Macramé is a technique used to knot fabric and other materials. The word comes from the Arabic migramah meaning ornamental fringe. They used the technique to create beautiful shawls, veils and towels.

Seafarers use the method to create hammocks and other maritime paraphernalia, although they called it “McNamara’s Lace” (source: Wikipedia)

And sadly, in the 70s it became popular with people with incredibly bad taste who created pot holders with it like this:

Is there anything uglier on earth? No.

Thankfully Pandora has reincarnated it, and made these intricate bracelets. Each one takes 3 hours to make by hand, and are available with either a sterling silver ending or a 14k gold one.

Choose from lavender, green, pink, black, turquoise, grey or nude thread, and then accessorize with Pandora clips.

They are available at Pandora stockists for R650 for the sterling silver ones, the gold one are more expensive due to the crazy price of the metal.

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