Esse Cream Cleanser

Esse Cream Cleanser, R150

What they say: Esse Cream Cleanser gently and effectively removes dirt and make-up by binding with oil-based impurities allowing them to be rinsed away. The cleanser is certified natural and organic by ECOCERT, and is made of 99% natural ingredients, and 87% of the ingredients are organic.

What we say: Best cream cleanser I’ve tried in a while. The fact that it’s local and organic is such a bonus too! Especially seeing that I usually find “natural” products often loses in effectiveness what they make-up in greenness. This one doesn’t disappoint at all, and it doesn’t smell like old essential oils like other natural ones I’ve tested.

It removed my make-up and grime of the day effortlessly. It couldn’t tackle waterproof mascara as well, but few can, so I didn’t find that a problem.

It’s amazing for people who like cream cleansers or with dry skin, as it’s nourishing and leaves your skin feeling moisturized. If you have oily skin, I’d opt for their Gel Cleanser instead.


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