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{ Review } Dermastore

There are very few online stores that deliver exceptional service from landing on the home page all the way through to delivery.

Until a few weeks ago there were only three that I would consider the best of the best: Net-a-Porter, Yuppie Chef and Superbalist. But Dermastore has recently joined the ranks.

I went to the launch of Dermastore about a year ago, and while it was interesting to know about, I never really paid too much attention because I hardly ever have to buy skincare. I’m sent so much to review that I struggle to get through what I have. It’s the same with the haircare and beauty sites – I just don’t have a need to order from them.

But Dermastore happen to stock Mustela, the new French baby brand on the block, which also does a fabulous stretch mark serum (see more here), and I needed to restock on Jools’ bum cream from the brand, so I ordered from them.

It’s a similar idea to all of the hair stores that popped up a few years ago with salon-only products. They way they can sell these products is because the sites are owned by salon owners, which means they have the knowledge to recommend which products are best suited to your needs. Dermastore is the same – it’s the brainchild of Dr. Ian Webster, a specialist dermatologist with 27 years experience under his belt.


Now obviously skincare is a little more serious than haircare because of the actives found in most of the products. Because of this, when you register on the site, you fill in a questionnaire about your skin concerns and you are given a skin prescription with products that best address those concerns without combining actives that may clash or cause irritation. You can also redo your prescription at any time by taking the skin assessment on the site.

The site is very well laid out and easy to use with skin type, product type, ingredient, brand and concern filter tabs so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for.


They stock 15 brands including the likes of SkinCeuticals, Exuviance, Heliocare and my beloved La Roche-Posay. What I like most about it is that fact that you don’t feel pressurized; when did you last feel at ease to browse serious skincare in a salon, spa or doctor’s office? Skincare this active and that costs as much as it does needs consideration and you don’t want to feel pressurized by skin therapists who are just looking to hit their comms target for the month. Online you can browse as little or as much as you want, and if you do have any questions, there is a skin therapist at your disposal through the online chat function (which is actually manned, unlike many others).


My order was processed within an hour (I know because they send you status update emails) and was delivered the next day. My products were incredibly well protected in their own sponge pouch and came packaged with a ton of samples, which I loved. Each products also has detailed directions for use, which is great for quick referencing.

We are lacking a sampling culture here in SA, which is foolish from a brand perspective. We’re so brand loyal that we will rarely venture from our known brands unless someone physically places a new one in our hands. I’m loving a few of the samples I got, so will be making another order pretty soon.

I’m honestly so impressed with how slick the whole process was, and will definitely order more from them in future, and highly recommend that you give them a try next time you need a skincare haul. Get shopping here.