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5 Problem solving body products you’ll want to know about

Yeah, ok, so we’re constantly told to love our bodies, but let’s be honest, we all have parts that we’d secretly like to change.

And while a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly will probably get rid of most of our issues; it can’t help to have a little help, right?


Target stubborn fat with Clarins Body Shaping Cream (R550)

This rich, nourishing cream is just as much about the application technique as it is the formula. Clarins develops specialized massage techniques for many of their products. This cream has been developed to target that stubborn fat around the abdomen and hips with a host of natural actives.


Sculpt and tone your silhouette with Environ Body Profile (price TBC)

Smooth out uneven skin and tone problem areas like thighs, bum and upper arms with this highly active gel. It contains stimulating and draining active ingredients to improve the appearance of problem areas.


Firm wobbly bits and prevent stretch marks with Juliette Armand Elements 15 Stretch Firm Cream (R740)

This dual action cream helps to strengthen connective tissue with the help of a patented complex that contains stimulating actives to target cellulite and flab. It also contains an impressive array of moisturising agents that help fight against the formation of stretch marks. It is safe to use during pregnancy, too.


Reduce stretch marks with Mustela Stretch Marks Recovery Serum (R290) (available on Dermastore)

As with scars, it’s always better to treat stretch marks as soon as they form. This serum from French pharmacy brand, Mustela targets them from two sides: it treats the mark itself with the help of micronutrients and a powerful combination of natural origin actives. And it also uses another natural active called Elastoregulator to help to repair any elasticity damage that may have been caused, giving the skin a smoother appearance. The formula is safe to use during pregnancy, making it a must have for mums to be.


Banish cellulite with Elancyl Cellu Slim Night (R495)

Good old Elancyl is back in the country! This particular cream promises to reduce cellulite dimples in just 14 nights. It contains stimulating ingredients like caffeine, apple tree branch extract and Szechuan pepper extract to boost blood circulation (the only way to topically get rid of cellulite is to get the blood flowing in the area to flush out the toxins). As with the Clarins products, this one also comes with a massage technique that, when used with the cream helps to improve the results.

I must note that with all of these types of products consistency is key. You can’t slap cream on every few days and expect to see results. You have to follow the application instructions and use it for the allotted amount of time before you judge whether or not it’s worked.