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SVR Sun Secure

SVR Sun Secure range is a first in South Africa in that it protects from not only UVA and UVB, but also infrared and invisible light, offering the best protection you can currently get from a sunscreen.

SVR Sun Secure Blur Optical Blur Mousse Cream SPF50 (R250 for 50ml)

What they say: This is a hybrid product, between make-up base and sun protection, suitable for all skin types. This soft SPF50 mousse cream with its unique texture and apricot-like scent melts instantly into the skin, becoming invisible for a bare skin effect. Imperfections are blurred, the complexion is smoothed and unified and the skin is incredibly velvety. Its addictive sunny fragrance will make it your must-have product this summer.

What I say: I nearly squealed when I saw this – a SPF50 that works as a primer, too!? I got a bit of a fright when I saw the apricot orange hue of it, but thankfully it doesn’t stay. Mousse cream is a great description, as it feels just like whipped cream. It blends seamlessly into the skin, taking any hint of unevenness with it.

It leaves the skin matte, but not at all dry, and your skin actually feels hydrated after wearing it. The priming action is just fabulous. It evens out the skin tone and creates the smoothest base for foundation.

SVR Sun Secure Brume Invisible Fresh Mist SPF50+ (R435 for 200ml)

What they say: This is the ultimate cool-down for all skin types. This ultra-fine mist leaves an invisible finish and provides and immediate sensation of freshness. It is easy to apply, even on wet skin, and is water, sweat and rub-resistant for optimal protection.

What I say: I just adore this spray. It comes out in a very fine mist, and absorbs quickly, without leaving any greasy residue. A bonus is that it can be applied to dry or damp skin without compromising the protection factor.

It has an instant cooling effect on the skin, which is amazing on warm days. The formula is sweat, water and rub resistant, too.