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Orly Breathable Nail Treatment + Colour

Orly Breathable Nail Treatment + Colour (R160 – R180 for 18ml)

What they say: Introducing the first ever Professional Treatment + Colour. Orly Breathable offers strength boosting benefits of a nail treatment and colour with advanced oxygen technology.

Orly Breathable Treatment + Color is infused with Argan Oil, Pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin C to help improve hydration, stimulate nail growth and help heal damaged nails.

What I say: Well, I could just say; “Go and buy yourself a bottle right now.” But I feel I should elaborate a bit.

Monday 27 November

Last Monday, I had the new Orly Breathable polish applied by one of their trainers. I chose the shade Detox My Socks Off, and was super surprised that she just applied two coats of colour and NOTHING else. This was because he formula contains some very clever technology that allows the polish to act like a contact lens in that it allows the nail to breathe, but protects it at the same time, all while keeping the colour firmly in place. Possibly more incredibly, is that each coat dries in a matter of minutes, which means that you are done in under 10 minutes!

My nails are notorious for repelling nail polish, so I have to admit that I left thinking that it wouldn’t last the day, but holy moly was I wrong! As each day passed without even so much as a chip, I honestly couldn’t believe it. My first chip finally came on day 4 after I had been in the pool for almost an hour. Extended immersion in heated, salt water would destroy even the best polish, and has even been known to remove my gel. But the only casualty was a slight chip on my index finger of my right nail, and a small one on my right ring finger appeared the next day. I finally removed it all yesterday (still with only the two chips), and my nails actually looked healthier and felt way stronger than they did before the colour was applied.

Monday 4 December

I have gotten my hands on a nude and a deep red shade, so will be testing them out over the next few weeks to see how those shades fair. Keep your eye out for updates on this post.

To find your nearest Orly Breathable stockist, click here, and you can also find them online from Takealot here.