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Kiss dry winter skin goodbye

Guys, it’s started; the downwards descent into reptilian skin territory

I struggle with super dry skin in and winter and end up spending an inordinate amount of time trying to combat the inevitable itchy that comes with the scaly exoskeleton I produce each winter.

But why do we need to endure this? Well, colder weather means a drop in humidity which means the moisture in our skin disappears far quicker than it does in summer. This sounds paradoxical because you’d expect quicker evaporation in warmer weather, but because of the evaporation, there is more water in the air in hot weather (obviously not in very dry climates, but then you’ll have dry skin all year round).

Other factors play into it, too. It’s common sense that our bodies will out more energy into keeping our internal organs warm in the cold rather than keep our skin beautifully hydrated. And because of this reduced blood flow to the skin, our sebaceous glands don’t have as much fuel as they do in the warmer months.

The final nail in the moisture coffin comes from our clothes. We wear more layers and cover more of our skin. But in our attempt to stay warm, we are essentially wicking moisture away from our skin onto our clothes.

Taking all of this into account, you can see why an effective moisturising routine us imperative to keep your skin soft and supple. This season see a solution come from Avène. The brand has just launched the solution to dry, itchy winter skin.

The Trixera Nutrition range is a dedicated trio for dry and very dry skin and is suitable for the whole family (except the cleanser, which is suitable for kids over 3). All the products are indicated for face and body. The balm and the fluid are great moisturisers, but I didn’t like the cleanser on my face, but that is personal preference, as I haven’t used a foaming cleanser on my skin for years. 

The Trixera Nutrition Nutri-Fluid Cleanser (R180 for 400ml) is a gentle daily cleanser that leaves the skin beautifully clean, but without stripping. In fact, it adds lipids back into the skin. It is both soap and paraben free. The formula is also biodegradable, so won’t pollute the water system.

The Trixera Nutrition Nutri-Fluid Lotion (R230 for 400ml) is my favourite of the 3 at the moment. It contains a vegetal lipid trio and Selectiose (a patent held by the parent company) to restore the skin barrier and deeply hydrate the skin. As with all Avène products, it also contains Avène Thermal Spring Water to soothe the skin. It absorbs instantly and leaves the skin super soft all day. 

It is slightly scented, so if you aren’t a fan of scented body creams, the next one is for you.

The Trixera Nutrition Nutri-Fluid Balm (R230 for 400ml) is a slightly thicker formula than the lotion, but it isn’t really a balm. It comes out of the pump easily and spreads well, so is more of a rich cream than a traditional balm. I think I’ll use this one in winter, as its richer formula will tackle severe dryness better than the lotion. This one is fragrance-free, so if you want scentless, opt for this one all year round.

You’ll find the Avène Trixera Nutrition range at selected Clicks and Dis-Chem stores, as well as online at Dermastore.