NIVEA Express Hydration Hand Cream

NIVEA Express Hydration Hand Cream, R24.99

What they say: NIVEA Express Hydration Hand Cream for normal to dry hands provides an instant burst of hydration, absorbing instantly, leaving hands well cared for without that sticky, greasy feeling after applying. Contains Hydra IQ moisture technology with activates the skin’s natural hydration process for longer-lasting care. It’s also enriched with natural sea minerals to instantly leave your hands feeling soft and fresh.

What we say: Thank you NIVEA for being the first company to address my pet hate. I can’t stand having hand cream on the palms of my hands, and I really don’t like sticky hand creams. At all. A friend of mine’s mother actually damaged her leather steering wheel with her hand cream!!

This one absorbed incredibly quickly, and didn’t feel sticky at all. Finally! A hand cream that delivers on its promises. It has the usual subtle NIVEA scent that I love, and I’ve found that a little goes a long way. I don’t leave home without it!


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