Let your skin sleep, even when you don’t

Today is my big birthday. Yep, I’m 30 today!

My age has nothing to with the fact that I go to bed at 21h00 most nights – my chronic insomnia means I have to leave enough time to get to sleep or take tablets before I find myself sitting up in bed at 06h00 having not slept at all! (Yes, true story. Happens to me every few months.) But tonight and tomorrow, I fear I may not be in bed by my bed time, so I’m mighty glad that I have a new secret weapon up my sleeve.

Filorga has just launched a night’s sleep in a tube! Yay for clever French people in lab coats developing this stuff!

The Sleep-Recover formula has been developed to tackle four main signs of fatigue (I fear I may have more, but 4 is better than none). Due to a host of clever ingredients, it promises to improve radiance, decrease congestion and puffiness, fill fatigue and tension lines, as well as help to even skin tone.

As a bonus, thanks to silk tree extract, the cell repair process can be regulated, helping your skin to work at its optimum while you sleep.

Sound too good to be true? I’ll let you know next week! (When I’m older).