Keith Haring Art by DKNY

Here’s some fruity fragrance fun for Friday! (Sorry – I couldn’t resist!)

DKNY has just launched 50ml limited editions of the hugely successful Be Delicious fragrances.

The bottles have been inspired by the urban art of the late Keith Haring. DK herself says that she has been inspired by his art for years.

“I have always been inspired by the life and innate style of the artist,” says Karan. “I have admired Keith Haring’s work ever since his designs first appeared in the subway stations of New York; they are not only visually compelling, but communicate a message that I think everyone can relate to. This really speaks to the essence of DKNY; wearable art that’s young, urban and totally original.”

The boxes are actually my favourite part!
Incredible that his art is still relevant 23 years after his death!

I love the ‘Keith Haring Art by DKNY’ pairing because whenever I think of NY, I think of DKNY, so who better for her to pair with, but the artists that encompasses NYC for her? It’s a perfect combination!

The fragrances are a bit off the wall too – for lack of better word, here is the breakdown I got on the press release. It explains each scent more succinctly than I could:

DKNY Be Delicious Art

Inspired by Haring’s eccentric style and creative palette, this fragrance is energizing and fresh, yet complex and ultra-feminine. Infused with dewy florals, crisp fruits and an array of chic green notes, it evokes a sense of exhilarating freedom, individuality and burst of super cool. A fresh twist on a Green Apple note is accented with Blackcurrant and Lychee.  The floral heart blooms with petals of Rose and Mimosa with a soft swirl of Musk and Cedarwood underneath.


DKNY Fresh Blossom Art

Inspired by the graffiti artist’s love of bright colors, this twist on DKNY Fresh Blossom presents a palette of lush flowers and irresistible fruits.  Crisp accents of Cassis and Pink Grapefruit are saturated in hues of a juicy Red Delicious Apple. These melodies of color melt into a chic bouquet of Freesia, Magnolia and lush Rose Essence with a woody backdrop of Musk, Sandalwood and Cedarwood.


DKNY Golden Delicious Art

Much like Haring’s art, this fragrance is a bold statement. It’s a joyful concoction of exotic fruits and exquisite white flowers. This multifaceted blend playfully opens with Raspberry and Bergamot drizzled in Mango Nectar. The heart is rich and blooming a white floral blend, Gardenia, Orange Flower Petals and dewy Muguet. A free-spirited Apple Blossom is wrapped in Sandalwood and an indulgent layer of warm Amber Crystals.

You’ll love them! They are only available for a limited time, so find yours at selected Edgars and Red Square stores for R650 each.