Filorga Sleep Recover Anti-Fatigue Night Balm

Filorga Sleep Recover Anti-Fatigue Night Balm, R785 from selected Edgars and Red Square stores.

What they say: This compensating skin care takes advantage of your sleep to regenerate the skin and fight against signs of fatigue.

An active ingredient derived from the silk tree, combined with a horse chestnut extract with decongestant properties, it work to reduce under-eye shadows, puffiness and the appearance of tired, drawn features.

A latest-generation molecule, combined with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, restructures the entire dermis to help treat fatigue and tension lines for a visible anti-ageing effect. NCTF®, the heart of our formula, reactivates the production of cutaneous support fibers, redensifying the skin and thereby preventing signs of fatigue from becoming permanently established.

Immediately after waking, signs of fatigue are diminished, facial features drained of excess water and retightened, the skin feeling fresh and well-rested.  With each consecutive application, the skin becomes more deeply regenerated and firmer, facial features appear lifted, the “V lines of fatigue” are inverted and the skin gains in resilience.

What we say: I told you about this fab product a couple of weeks ago on my birthday. Well, let me tell you that this tube of cream and I have become inseparable in that short time.

My skin looks brighter, firmer and has a radiance that I can’t attest to anything else! As I’m a firm believer is serious skincare (proper sciency products, rather than R6.99 creams), I’m a big Filorga fan, but even still, this product has blown my mind! The texture is incredible  – it’s not quite a serum, cream or gel, but a silky smooth emulsion – I guess that’s why they went with ‘balm’, but for me ‘balm’ is something hard and thick. This is neither.

My skin is soft and supple, and is not as effected by the cold, wet CT weather as it normally is, and I’m finding that I need less of my regular moisturiser too!

I suggest you get your hands on some, but make sure you leave some for me!


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