(Not so) Ordinary Skincare

I’m so excited to introduce you to local skin care brand, Ordinary Skincare.

 OS Group

Yay for another local and lekker brand we can get behind! Ordinary Skincare offers honest skincare products. The range has been developed for those of us with sensitive skins, or who have “hardworking” skin. And let’s face it; with our exposure to sun, sand, sea and stress, most of us have damaged skin.

Ordinary Skincare believe in offering products that work, are safe, and that combine the finest that nature has to offer with the best of modern science. These products are made to pharmaceutical industry GMP standards in new facilities in Cape Town and use ethically sourced ingredients carefully chosen for their efficacy. The packaging is pretty amazing too – having won awards for its innovation!

So far, there are 4 products in the range. I have it on good authority that there are quite a few more on the way.

OS Day Cream

The Day Cream, R285, is a powerful hydrating moisturizer intended for daily application. Regular application softens the skin as well as lessening fine lines. Abundant in naturally sourced, hypoallergenic, remarkably hydrating natural herbal anti-oxidant substances: Green Rooibos, Grapeseed oil, Olive oil and Shea butter that make softer and also smooth your skin which help slow down the aging process. Co enzyme Q10 offers further anti-oxidant defence and anti-inflammatory performance.

OS Day cream SPF30

The Day Cream SPF30, R302 is the hydrating moisturizer plus added SPF 30 sun protection. Healthy natural antioxidants Green Rooibos and Grapeseed oil plus the outstanding moisturising properties of Olive oil and Shea butter, Co Enzyme Q10 together with added MSM, the naturally occurring anti-inflammatory material, give additional soothing and antioxidant protection to soften and smooth the skin and helps inhibit ageing. SPF 30 is recommended to give ideal protection from UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays.

OS Night Cream

The Night Cream, R306, is a fabulous deep and rich emulsion offering extraordinary moisturizing to hard working skin. It boosts the skin’s nightly restoration mechanisms. Abundant in anti-oxidants it succeeds in helping restore the suppleness and tone of the epidermis by mopping up free radicals. They have added highly hydrating Avocado and Evening Primrose Oil.

OS Moisturising Balm

The Moistirising Balm, R329, is produced with just five ingredients to give a lasting moisturizing effect even for the driest most hypersensitive skin. Safe for use in eczema and psoriasis. Without fragrance, mineral or essential oils, Plain Ordinary Moisturising Balm is fit for the most difficult task. It can be applied anywhere on the body from head to toe. It is safe enough to use on a baby, and to soothe irritated and inflamed skin. Try it as a lip balm, or a make up primer.

Local, ethical and simple skincare sounds like a great idea to me! Learn more about the range here.