Dove Pure Care Dry Oils

Dove Pure Care Dry Oils, R179.99 each.

 Dove Pure Care Dry Oils

What they say: Beauty experts worldwide are welcoming Dry Oils as a miraculous beauty treatment that not only offers extraordinary natural nourishment, but which uses advanced Dry Oil technology to provide superior smoothness against some of the most established brands in this category.

The unique formulation is scientifically proven to absorb quickly into the hair follicle, penetrating and nourishing it both internally and externally. The deep and rapid absorption leaves hair looking radiantly shiny and silky smooth.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oils remain unbeaten in the delivery of:

Strength (due to breakage)

Smoothness and Shine

To boost your hair’s natural suppleness and shine, Dove has carefully selected some of the most precious ingredients for its Pure Care Dry Oils so you can experience beautifully nourished, touchably soft hair in an instant.


A nourishing treatment for all hair types. A nourishing formula infused with first-pressed organic African Macadamia Oil for sublime, silky, shiny hair. The non-greasy formula rich in Omega-7 and high nourishing properties, instantly helps to replenish lipids, soften and leave hair with added shine.

A restorative treatment for Mature Hair.


What we say: Well, as I said in my radar round up last month, I’m glad there is finally an affordable option to Moroccanoil on the market. Sadly, however, as with the TRESemme one, I still feel that the Dove ones don’t live up to Moroccanoil.

But, as the Dove ones are less than half the price of Moroccanoil, I feel that they are not in the same category, so shouldn’t be treated as such.

There are two varients; one with African Macadamia Oil for All Hair Types and one with Anatolian Pomegranate Seed Oil for mature hair (I don’t know why Turkish pomegranates are better than others…)

First of all, I prefer the scent of the Dove oils to the TRESemme ones – it’s softer. The formula isn’t bad either (they are on a par here for me). How you test for a good dry oil is how quickly it absorbs into you skin. These oils did so almost immediately, so a good start!

Dove Pure Care Dry Oils Pomegranate

The one for mature hair was (unsurprisingly) too rich for my hair, and mum has ridiculously incredible hair for her age, so it was too much for her too. But if you are over 60, or have seriously fried your hair with either heat or chemicals, I reckon this is the one you should opt for.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Macadamia

The one for All Hair Types was lovely. They say you can use it as a pre-treatment before shampooing, but, one, who on earth has time for this and, two, I didn’t find it did enough to warrant the extra time. So I just kept to using it how I use all hair oils; on wet hair before leaving it to dry naturally.

It left my hair feeling soft and silky, and accentuated my curls well. It didn’t rid me of all my frizz, but made a good attempt. Best of all is that after a few weeks of use; I didn’t notice any build-up, which I have done with other brands.

All-in-all, quite an impressive launch from Dove. If you’re looking for a good hair oil, this is it.