Vitamins for healthy skin

No matter how good your skincare routine is, if your body lacks nutrients, your skin will show it.

Our modern lifestyles mean that nearly all of us are lacking nutrients and vitamins of some sort. But thankfully we can cheat a little by taking supplements. I’ve rounded-up my top ten supplements for beautiful skin.


  1. Lamelle Ovelle, R427
  2. Imedeen Derma One, R360
  3. Zehra, R500
  4. Perricone MD Skin & Total Body, R1930
  5. Imedeen Time Perfection, R850
  6. NutriWomen Hydration & Skin Detox, R105
  7. Perfectil Tripe Active for great looking Skin, Hair &Nails, R128
  8. The Real Thing Mega Omega 3+6+9, R119.95
  9. Vital Multitime Hair, Skin & Nails, R62.95
  10. Nativa Hair, Skin & Nail Complex, R64.95


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