I’ve over-plucked my brows, now what?

I’ve completely over-plucked my eyebrows, and I have a big event next week. Is there any quick fix that can help me?

Long term, you need to put down and step away from the tweezers! Have a look over here to see how to groom your brows correctly. Thankfully in the short term you can hide your ruthless trimming by penciling-in ‘new’ brows.

You can use either a pencil or powder applied with a flat-tipped brush. Make sure you choose a shade that matches your natural brow colour. Too dark, and they’ll look fake.

Using soft, feathery strokes, gently fill in the brows, following their natural shape. Once you’re happy, set it all in place with a brow gel. Read about my favourite brow gel here.

To read more about how to shape your brows, have a look here.

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