Travels with my horse…

Ever wondered what a beauty editor gets up to at the weekend? Here’s a sneak peek…

Besides writing posts for the following week, my weekends always include a ride on my gorgeous steed, Jungle Warrior. We call him George, as a warrior, he’s not. He’s a gentle giant, and a little bit of a scaredy cat! I’m his surrogate mum, as his real mum now lives in Oz. So I give him love and kisses on her behalf.

This weekend the weather finally cleared enough for us to toddle off to the beach. I know how lucky I am that this is literally on my doorstep, so I thought I’d share some pics with you (a virtual beach ride, so to speak).

Even our walk the beach is beautiful. We head out of the yard, and down lanes that look like this.

Up the road


Past the Common


And down the lane

This is the bridal path down to the beach.


Bridal path


This is where George gets excited

And here is the beach experience… Enjoy!






Now back to work!

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