How to create high cheekbones

Not blessed with chiselled, high cheekbones? Don’t worry you can fake them with the correct sculpting and shading.


Start with your cheekbones. It’s best to use a two-toned bronzing palette (my favourite is Benefit’s 10 Highlighter and Bronzer, R325 from Woolworths). Apply the darker shade under your cheekbones with a big blusher brush. Try and find a brush that has a slanted edge, as ones that have bristles all the same length will give a very flat, 80s finish. Sweep the colour up and outwards towards the temples. Blend this well, and check the colour. If you want a more dramatic look, use the darker shade over the top.

Benefit 10
Find a brush with this shape

The trick with this type of sculpting is to not forget your nose area. If you do, all that you’ll see if two stripes up the side of your face. Use a mixture of both the light and dark shade from the palette, and sweep down the center of your nose. This will balance-out your features.

The rest of your makeup should natural. A lightweight foundation and concealer, where needed is all your skin will need. Team this with a simple nude gloss. Although, if you’re wearing this in the evening, you could opt for a matte berry lip instead.


  • Ullricke van Zyl

    THANKS to make-up, we can all look good,Just that extra touch and wallah we are beautyful…. and with so many wonderful products on the market,, NO one has an excuse not to look adorable/perfect