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IPL skin rejuvenation with Pulse Dermatology & Laser

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be sat in the chair of Amy Bowie of Pulse Dermatology and Laser in Kenridge (I’m not going to lie, I had no idea where that was, but it’s just past Tyger Valley for you other southern suburbs princesses.)

With a career that has spanned years and continents, she is always at the forefront of developments in the aesthetic industry and dermatology. Her room is more like a lab than a treatment room with lights, lasers and other skin perfecting paraphernalia.

When I booked the session with her PR, I left the treatment in Amy’s hands. So after a consultation about my skin concerns, we decided to do IPL Skin Rejuvenation on my whole face, neck and décolletage to target the pigmentation sins of my youth.

While ‘pretty useless’ at removing hair, IPL is incredible at treating pigmentation, broken veins and capillaries, reduce Rosacea redness, target scarring (especially acne) and decrease fine lines and wrinkles.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and while it’s based on the same principal as laser, it isn’t the same thing. Laser is monochromatic and produces one wavelength of light, while IPL emits a broad spectrum of light and wavelengths to reach several layers of the skin simultaneously. This multi-layer action helps to stimulate the skin’s collagen to rejuvenate and repair the skin.

The process is quick and relatively painless (Amy did say I had a high pain threshold, so maybe it hurts a bit – if you’ve had a child, it’s a doddle, promise). After your face is cleansed, a conducting gel is place on the skin to help the laser head glide over the skin. The handheld device is moved over the areas that need to be treated emitting short bursts of light.

Slightly red directly after the treatment
My chest was less red

My skin was slightly red afterwards, but not so bad that I had to go home and hide. Some people can experience severer redness, but it will calm down after a few hours. Over the next few days, the pigmentation in the areas Amy treated went very dark, almost black and a bit scabby. I carried on with my usual skincare routine (sans retinol) and after 11 days all of the dark scabs had fallen off, revealing an incredibly glowing complexion. All of the really troublesome marks that I’d struggled with for years were either completely gone or so, so much lighter. The side-by-side pics below were from 2 days after (left) and 10 days after (right).

A series of 4 to 6 treatments is recommended, but this, of course, will depend on the damage you want to correct. These sessions can be performed minimum of 3 weeks apart.

I’m definitely going to go back for a few more treatments, but will wait for autumn, when the weather gets cooler. 

If you’d like to experience some of Amy’s magic, you can contact Pulse Dermatology and Laser on 021 914 0447 or visit their website here.