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Dermaquest C Infusion Serum

There are so many skincare launches; I’m struggling to keep up with my testing.

I’ve been very slack on posting, too, so expect a deluge of skincare reviews this month from the products I’ve been testing for the last few months (I haven’t been testing them ALL at the same time.)

The first of which is a fabulous Vitamin C serum from Dermaquest. For the last few years, skincare has been all about acids and retinol, and now Vitamin C is having its moment to shine. Hurrah for that – I love Vitamin C and have been using it on my skin for years (Environ C-Boost was my go-to for most).

The Dermaquest C Infusion Serum (R1595 from Skin Miles) contains 10% stabilized Vitamin C to encourage collagen production, protect the skin against free radical damage and help to fight pigmentation. Orange stem cells help to tone and tighten, while hyaluronic acid and squalane have been added for serious hydration and to plump the skin.

It also contains something called MDI Complex, which is a marine enzyme that helps to retain moisture and increase the skin’s ability to absorb product.

You can use it both day and night, but as I have antioxidants in my night skincare, I just used this during the day, under my day cream and SPF. My skin loved it so much that I used the whole 30ml tube. I usually only test skincare for 4 weeks as I have so much to get through, but this I used right down to the last drop.

My skin was firmer, more even and definitely better hydrated after using this for the 7 weeks it took to finish it. High levels of Vitamin C like this do wonders for your skin, as it fights quite a few problem areas at once and offers that all-important antioxidant protection.

If you’re looking for a new Vitamin C serum, this is a great one for all skin types and ages.