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Review | Zero Bars

It’s not often something (relatively) new, local AND environmentally conscious hits my desk, but that was just the case with Zero Bars.

I was so excited to try them, but sadly my scalp doesn’t agree with SLS anymore, so I had to hand these over to my little sister to try. Don’t worry – she’s not a novice at this, and has been reviewing beauty products for years, too! Here is what she had to say:

I’m happy to report that the Zero bars have been an absolute HIT with the whole family! 

Let me start with the kids which was an unexpected part of this review but hey. Just before the school holidays the kids bath sprung a leak and we didn’t get round to fixing it so the kids, 4.5years and 6 years old ended up showering which was a challenge at first in itself, slipping, making sure everything actually gets washed AND rinsed and then hair washing. With the bars they can take control and simply rub the bar on their head, give a rub and the lather up and rinse and they love the smell. I love that the whole family can use these bars, less plastic for the whole family without compromising quality in product.

Hubby was a die-hard fan of a particular shampoo and I convinced him to give these bars a chance and guess what? We have another convert in the house, he liked the smell, the way the product cleaned and lack of packaging.

My turn, I only tried a shampoo bar for the first time in the middle of last year and I was a convert from first try! My hair was the silkiest, smoothest and shinier than I had seen in a long time! Naturally I was thrilled to get to try the Zero Bars and I can confirm that they do indeed clean like a bomb and make not only my hair but the whole family’s hair shiny and soft without the unnecessary packaging, what more do you want?

The bars are water-free, cruelty-free, plastic -free and proudly South African – fantastic! As we all try our best to cut down on single-use plastics, I can’t wait to see even more cosmetics going this way! We are yet to finish a bar, their website says between 55 & 70 hair washes but I think for us it may last a little longer, which is real bang for your buck!

There are 4 delicious variants to choose from:

(we took the descriptions from the Zero Bar website because their write-ups are fab!)

Argan (blue/ turquoise) – Known as ‘liquid gold’, Argan oil is jam packed with nutrients to moisturize and nourish your hair, kick up the shine, pump up the growth and dump scalp issues like dandruff.

Jojoba (orange/red) – I’m the Jojoba Shampoo Bar and I’ve been enhanced with the moisturising and yummy-smelling Jojoba oil, making me all about balance. I help keep your scalp happy, which in turn makes your hair happy.

Moringa (green) – I’ve been enriched with a mean dose of Moringa oil, an age-old hair hero. I strengthen and rejuvenate tired hair, keeping it healthier for longer.
Say goodbye to split ends!

Desert Melon (yellow) – I’ve been enriched with super enriching yet surprisingly light-weight wild Desert Melon oil, which is packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, to intensely condition the hair and scalp, without any greasy residue.

 I must add that the bars lather wonderfully due in part to the ingredient SLS – Sodium Laureth Sulphate which some people like to avoid as it can be an irritant to the skin/ scalp. If you’re not clued up on the ingredient you can read more here . Most grooming, beauty and cleaning products contain it or a similar variant of it and it doesn’t put me off but thought that I’d mention it.

I love that it is a proudly South African product and the variants, colours and smell are all just lovely, I would say buy all four and try each for yourself. I have heard that some people take some time to find “their” ideal shampoo bar when they first make a transition, I haven’t found that to be the case at all but at R75 a bar you can afford to try the whole range and possibly find your favourite. (Shipping is free on orders of R350.00 or more, if you sign up to their mailing list you get 15% off your first purchase).