OFRA has a new ambassador

Michelle McLean-Bailey named as Celebrity Brand Ambassador of OFRA Cosmetics South Africa.

 Michelle McLean

Michelle McLean-Bailey has previously been named Miss Universe and Miss Namibia as well as the UN Ambassador and founder of the Michelle McLean Children’s trust.  The Michelle McLean Children Trust  was founded in 1992 and initiates and runs hundreds of projects for children in Southern Africa. The Michelle McLean Primary School was built in Windhoek, Namibia in 2000, which today educates over 900 children.

“We have managed 10 projects from funds given to us by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt when they had their baby in Namibia in 2005. My passion is to ensure upliftment and education of children in any way I possibly can, hence my desire to be able to make a difference globally in nurturing self- esteem which I believe to be one of the most important issues of young people in the world today” says Michelle McLean-Bailey.

She is now the new South African Celebrity Brand Ambassador for OFRA Cosmetics.

Michelle often wears OFRA Cosmetics products, “For the past 10 years I have not felt comfortable to endorse a cosmetics brand until now, having just used Ofra Cosmetics for a mere 6 weeks I can see a remarkable difference in my skin, it is radiant and youthful, I am also especially enjoying using RCK which made me glow at my wedding” says Michelle.

Some of Michelle’s favourite OFRA Cosmetics products consist of Volulips Charisma, Absolute Cover Silk Peptide Foundation, the Retinol Cream and RCK.

Ofra Cosmetics Laboratories are dedicated to becoming a leading voice in the beauty industry through their pursuit of excellence. The continued research and development that takes place in their laboratories is to ensure that skin damage is prevented and treated in a manner that will enhance and improve the skin.

Ofra Cosmetics Laboratories believes in the five major categories of skin care – PREVENT, CORRECT, SUPPORT, BOOST and ENHANCE.

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