FHI Hot Sauce

FHI Hot Sauce, R125

FHI Hot Sauce

What they say: We’ve mastered the technology of turning heat into a hair-health asset rather than a liability. The most innovative way we use heat to keep hair healthy, glossy, supple and shiny: FHI Heat Hot Sauce. It’s our exclusive jojoba formula, which penetrates deeply into the hair follicle when used with thermal styling tools that provides deep-conditioning and repairs past damage.

What we say: I don’t use heat tools on my hair very often, but when I do, I always make sure I use heat protection.

This one was easily absorbed and didn’t leave my hair sticky at all. My locks were soft, shiny and felt well nourished. It doesn’t contain any silicone, so even if you use it every day, you won’t have to worry about tacky build-up.