Stu, stu, studio!

Stu, stu, Studio! Studio Line for boys is back with a fresh new look.

There are 4 varieties available in this line aimed at teenage boys:

Meche  Lover is an ultra strong 24hr defining gel-cream for longer length hair.

Spiky Trash is an extreme mega hold 24hr sculpting gel for super spiky hold.

Wet Non Stop is a strong hold wet effect sculpting gel that delivers, unsurprisingly, a wet-look.

Mix It Up is an extra strong 24hr paste for a long lasting messy hold.



  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Ibrahim

    This post is over 4 years old, so it might have been discontinued. I haven’t heard anything about it, but the brands often don’t let us know.
    Your best bet is to get hold of the L’Oreal Consumer Advisory Department on or email them on 011 286 0700

    Good luck,