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Bye bye, frizz. Hello, happiness

I never do anything much with my hair. I wash it every second day and apply Moroccanoil to the lengths and ends while it’s still wet. I let it air dry and do its own thing. I get quite hot, so it’s often tied up into a messy bun, so it doesn’t need to be tidy. While I love my natural soft waves, it can be a bit frizzy and a bit lacklustre.

I had a treatment 5 weeks ago that has changed the way I look at my hair. Last time I saw David Gillson, he did the Keratherapy Keratin Smoothing Colour & Lock Smoothing Treatment.

The process is similar to a traditional Brazilian, but instead of straightening the hair to within an inch of its life, this treatment smoothes without straightening, while nourishing and reviving tired, damaged hair.

The formula contains Tamanu, Argan and jojoba oils works together with rosemary leaf extract to give you silky, shiny Pony Club hair that has lasted 5 weeks, so far. 

How terrifying is the before?

The process is relatively quick and easy and starts with a special shampoo to pre the hair. Your hair is then dried to about 50% and then the formula is sprayed on in sections. Your hair is then blow dried until totally dry and then flat ironed to lock in the actives. You have to not touch it for 24 hours, but after which you can carry on with your usual hair cleansing and styling routine.

Okay, so the colour is obviously sublime, but look at the condition!

My hair has been soft and smooth for 5 weeks now. My frizz is completely gone, but my waves are still there, and better defined than usual. I’ve blow-dried my hair twice in that time, and the drying time has been greatly reduced, too. If you don’t struggle with frizz, then this isn’t for you. But if you have curly or wavy hair that is prone to fluffiness that you’d rather not have without losing the curl, this is an incredible treatment to add next time you’re in the salon. 

Keratherapy Keratin Smoothing Colour & Lock Smoothing Treatment is available at all Carlton Hair salons and costs from R550 – the final price will depend on the length of your hair. 

If you fancy a bit of David Gillson magic, you’ll find him most days at Carlton Hair Hyde Park (011) 325 4916, but he also makes regular trips down to Carlton Hair Constantia Village (021) 794 4417. For more hair and fashion trend inspiration, you can follow him on Instagram here.