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The matte lip formula you’ve been waiting for

Matte lip formulas have come a seriously long way from the dry, chalky finishes of the 90s. I love the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, but I now have a new favourite, and from a local brand, noggal.

This is a bit of a tease because the Swiitch Beauty #airmatte Lip Crayons only officially launch this weekend at the Beauty Revolution Festival, but I’m here to tell you that if you like matte lips, these are the babies you need in your life. I’m sure they’ll be available on the Swiitch Beauty site soon after.

The formula really is as light as air and feels like you aren’t wearing anything. It has an almost velvet effect, but without any dryness at all. The magic is that they glide on as easily as a moisturising lipstick, but dry down matte without going chalky.

I’m not sure of pricing yet, but all of their products are affordable, especially considering the quality. There are 6 modern shades in the collection, and I’ve been torn deciding on a favourite, but I think it has to be Gen-Z, a bright berry red.

If you’re in Jozi this weekend, I highly recommend heading to the Sandton Convention Centre to join in the festivities and try the Swiitch Beauty #airmatte Lip Crayons for yourself. You can get your hands on tickets here.

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