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I think sustainability has been on most of our minds recently, and hopefully 2021 will see more people switching to more environmentally-friendly lives.

In a recent study, UK-based environmental charity, Hubbub, found that 1 in 6 people surveyed have made living more sustainably one of their new year’s resolutions.

Thankfully, access to sustainable products is getting easier by the day. 10 years ago, you’d have to go searching for eco-friendly products, now they are on shelves and online stores nationwide.

Obviously, sustainability is a very fluid term, for some it’s just about raw product sourcing, for others it’s about charity and packaging. But whatever your main needs are for a product to be sustainable, there are an array options available to you these days.

In terms of beauty products, I can’t think of sustainability without immediately thinking of The Body Shop – the first brand to introduce a programme purely dedicated to trading fairly, Community Fair Trade. Since 1987, The Body Shop has been helping producers, artisans and farmers gain access to the global markets, helping to support their livelihoods, as well as investing in projects that benefit whole communities.

The brand was also a forerunner in campaigning against animal testing – all of their products are, and will always be 100% cruelty free. In fact, ALL of their products are completely vegetarian, and over half of the 800 products they offer are vegan.

The Body Shop is also very vocal about stopping gender-based violence. They invest heavily in projects that are aimed at stopping gender-based violence by raising awareness and counselling victims. To help them reach as many women and girls as possible, for every hand-care product transaction, R10 is donated to the cause.

Here are five of their cult favourite products, and their ethical credentials.

Tea Tree Oil (R130 for 10ml)

Dab a drop of this Community Fair Trade Tea Tree Oil onto any pesky spots, and they’ll be history in a few days. The oil is sourced from organic farmers in Kenya, and included in this vegan formula.

Drops of Youth Concentrate (R380 for 30ml)

This fast-absorbing serum is vegan and contains 99% ingredients of natural origin. With stem cells from 3 resilient plants, this is like a power antioxidant smoothie for your face.

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask (R380 for 75ml)

With Bamboo charcoal from the foothills of the Himalayas, Community Fair Trade tea tree oil, and green tea leaves from Japan, this vegan formula mask is the one for when your skin is dull and lacklustre.

Shea Body Butter (R40 for 50ml and R200 for 200ml)

I would guess that there isn’t one person reading this who hasn’t tried The Body Shop Shea Body Butter at some stage. This ultra-moisturising formula contains exceptional-quality Community Fair Trade shea butter and is handmade by a co-operative of women in Ghana.

Hard-Working Hemp Hand Protector (R80 for 30ml and R155 for 100ml)

Not all heroes wear capes? No, some are in tubes. My hands wouldn’t have survived the sanitizing insanity that was 2020 if it wasn’t for this product. It has been a best-seller for The Body Shop for over 20 years. Packed full of Community Fair Trade hemp seed oil and organically sourced beeswax, it will deeply hydrate and nourish even the driest of hands.

What are your favourite The Body Shop products? Let me know below.

You can shop some of your favourites online from The Body Shop website (and they are on sale at the time of publishing!)