Best Breast Instant Adhesive Breast Lifts

Best Breast Instant Adhesive Breast Lifts, from R149.95 Buy them online here.

Best Breast

What they say:  Best Breast offers the silicone adhesive bra and the self-adhesive instant breast lift. The Best Breast breast lifts consist of a very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, shaped like a horseshoe, which makes it possible to re-position the nipples by up to several centimeters. Best Breast offers a special patented 3M tape which is used as a medical tape in hospitals and therefore safe to use.

Best Breast not only lifts the breasts and creates symmetry; it also significantly increases your self-esteem and confidence. Best Breast increases your wardrobe options as strapless, backless, plunging and halter styles are suddenly easy and comfortable to wear. Don’t forget that Best Breast is waterproof, so it can be worn under your bathing suit, or even a bikini!

Best Breast also gives a firmness to sagging breasts that looks and FEELS totally natural. Breasts move freely under textiles, but you don’t have to worry about troublesome bra straps or clasps, because the Best Breast allows you to go bra-less with confidence!

What we say: Firstly, um… Who the hell would wear anything like this with a bikini???

The nauseating (had to be written by a 50 year old male ad exec) write-up aside, I was more impressed than I though I would be with these!

They are available in either A-C cup (pictured above) and D-F cup (which is what I tested). You cut them down to your cup size. They are available in packs of  3 here.

I was really not expecting mere tape to hold-up my DD’s, but it did! You take the bottom half of the protective tape off first, and place it around your nipple (not on it!) Then unpeel the bottom half, and literally pull the girls up to where you want them, and then firmly stick the tape down. This was where my glee with them ended.

I didn’t go partying (or indeed swimming!?!?!) in them, as a) they don’t give enough (read: any) support to do anything other than walk and b) if you are as ‘anti-boob on show’ as me, you’d still need to pair these with nipple covers.

After a while, the tape started to irritate my skin. And then there was the removal. Just like removing a plaster – from around your boob. Not fun. Not fun at all!

I  understand the ‘gap’ in the market they are targeting, but Wonderbra have bra’s that can be worn in a million different ways, so don’t really see the point. I won’t ever use these again, but maybe if you have small, saggy boobs these would work….?