Schwarzkopf Color Mask in Light Copper Brown

Schwarzkopf Color Mask, R129.99, Clicks (available in 10 shades)

Color Mask Box

What they say: Color Mask has a unique and luxurious hair mask texture. Once applied, it leaves hair with long-lasting colour and perfect grey coverage as well as a healthy, glossy shine.

Due to the rich and creamy texture of Color Mask, it is easy  to apply using 2-3 fingers. 90% of consumers tested confirmed that the formulation is non-drip, easy and quick to apply – even on hard to reach areas of the hair.

Color Mask contains three steps to indulging care for your hair:

  • Colour Cream with strengthening Amino-Active-Protein
  • Developer Cream with smoothing Combability Booster
  • Hair Mask with caring Vitamin-Oil-Complex

The result: incredibly soft to touch and deeply cared for hair with a healthy, glossy shine.

What we say: It was fun mixing the mask – you squeeze the colour into the tub and shake  to mix!

Color Mask Unmixed
Color Mask Unmixed
Pop the lid on, and shake like mad to mix!
Pop the lid on, and shake like mad to mix!

I tried the Light Copper Brown. My hair was very light and quite damaged when I dyed it, so the colour didn’t come out the shade I wanted. I’m sure if I dyed it again it would have reached the intensity I wanted. As my hair was in such terrible condition, I’m not going to comment on my experience with the colour pay-off, as I don’t think it’s fair. I know of 2 or 3 other beauty ed’s who’ve tried it, and were very happy with the results.

The new formula really didn’t do it for me sadly. I was very excited to try it, and thought it would be easily and quick to apply, in theory. In actuality, however, it was messy, irritating and I had to resort to using a brush in the end. I found it very difficult to apply it evenly, and although they say it won’t drip, I found it did. I spend ages rubbing it onto my roots, as it felt like it wasn’t getting right down to the base of the roots.

The after care was great, though. My hair felt smooth and looked super glossy (quite a feat, I tell you, consider the state it was in before!)

Over all I was left  luke warm. Despite the hype and excitement around the launch, I think I would rather stick the traditional nozzle applicator in future! But if you do want to give it a go, get hold of a dye brush – like they use in salons (you’ll find them in Dis-Chem).