Supplement your beauty

There is a pill or supplement for almost anything these days, and great skin is no exception.


These vitamins and minerals will make a difference to how your skin looks and feels, but if you had to take a tablet for each, you’d be taking hundreds. So for each vitamin or mineral, we’ve given you supplement options, as well as which food to find them in.

FOR ALL-ROUND HEALTHY SKIN: You’ve heard it before – moisture is you’re skin’s best friend. If your skin isn’t getting the right nutrients, it will dry out, becomes fragile, and cause damage
  • B Vitamins help repair and build-up collagen and elastin fibres. Eat: whole grains and cereals, animal proteins and live yeast (brewer’s yeast). Supplement: Solgar B Complex tablets.
  • Essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) retain moisture in the cells of your skin. Eat: oils (olive, nut or soya), oily fish, nuts, avocado and olives. Supplement: Nutriwomen Omega 3-6-9 tablets.
  • Water may seem like a no-brainer, but many people don’t drink enough. Drink filtered water whenever possible, as this will remove any nasties which may have been added. You can also get water from herbal teas, fruit and veggies.
A GLOWING COMPLEXION: Skin needs antioxidants to protect it from oxidative stress. They also give cells the energy they need to repair themselves.
  • Vitamin C is vital for the production of collagen, healing of scars, and it protects the skin from UV damage. Eat: citrus fruit and kiwis, but it’s better absorbed when taken orally. Supplement: Clicks Vitamin C tablets.
  • Vitamin A is used in many anti-aging creams and potions (you’ll know it as Retinol). The reason it’s so great for your skin is that improves elasticity, protects cell membranes, boosts collagen production, and protects against UV and free radical damage. Eat: Vitamin A in livers, butter and eggs. You’ll find Provitamin A (which your body will convert into Vitamin A) in brightly-coloured fruit and vegetables. Supplement: Zest for Life Antioxidant Formula tablets.
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant with an unrivalled ability to repair sun damage. Eat: in nuts, whole grains, cereals and vegetable/plant oils. Supplement: Natrodale Vitamin E 1000IU tablets.
  • Selenium is a trace element, which until recently was considered a toxic element, is now seem as an essential antioxidant in small doses. It is the best weapon there is against free radicals, and also aids the elimination of toxins such as tobacco and alcohol. Eat: meat, fish, seafood and eggs. Supplement: Vital Selenium tablets.
  • Zinc is an antioxidant mineral which regulates sebum production and aids cell healing, making it a great supplement for people with spotty skin. Eat: shellfish, fish, whole grains and cereals. Supplement: Natrodale Zinc tablets.
DAZZLING TEETH: Firstly, stay away from foods which could stain your nashers – we mean coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes. Then takes these supplements to make them strong.
  • Calcium builds and strengthens teeth. Eat: Dairy produce, fruit, vegetables and some types of mineral water. Supplement: Zest for Life Oysta-Cal Calcium tablets.
  • Phosphorus forms part the mineral structure of our bones. Eat: All foods contain phosphorus, so as long as you eat a balanced diet you’ll get enough of it.
  • Fluorine is a trace element that strengthens tooth enamel. Eat: Mineral water that contains fluorine, radishes, cress, cherries and tomatoes. Supplement: Some of you will remember taking those little white pills as kids (the bottle with the mouse in the top hat on the front). As adults, you can use a toothpaste or mouth wash which contains fluorine, like one of White Glo’s seven toothpaste variants.
SHINY HAIR: Your hair is one of the first places to show lack of nutrients, so make sure you get these vitamins and minerals..
  • B Vitamins. There are 8 B vitamins, and all contribute to healthy hair, but 3 are especially good. B2 regulates the scalp’s sebum; B5 improves the structure and shine of the hair; and B8 slows down hair loss. Eat: whole grains and cereals, meat, fish, eggs and brewer’s yeast (live yeast). Supplement: Vital Brewer’s Yeast tablets.
  • Zinc aids hair growth through the formation of keratin, a protein which forms the structure of your hair. Eat: Shellfish, fish, whole grains and cereals. Supplement: Solgar Zinc tablets.
PERFECT NAILS: Like hair, nails also show lack of nutrients. They get white marks and break easily.
  • Calcium strengthens nails and makes them grow. Eat: Dairy produce, fruit and vegetables and some types of mineral water. Supplement: Vital Calcium Complex
  • Iron is a trace element that enriches red blood cells and increases oxygenisation of tissue, especially in weak nails. Eat: red meat, shellfish and pulses. Supplement: Solgar Chelated Zinc tablets.
  • Sulphur doesn’t just smell bad, it also happens to strengthen the nail structure. Eat: Seafood, asparagus, onion, garlic and cabbage. Supplement: The Real Thing MSM-Body.

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