Dis-Chem Cooling Cucumber Eye Pads

Dis-Chem Cooling Cucumber Eye Pads, R29.99 for 24 pads

What they say: Eerm, not much. Dis-Chem are not exactly known for their details descriptions on their cheap ‘n cheerful in house range. The only thing that is said on the tub is “soothes and refreshes tired eyes”. Oh, and they also tell you not to ingest the product – thanks, that could have been confusing. Company of many words…

What we say: Despite the lack of info, I’m very impressed with these pads. They actually do contain cucumber as well as honeysuckle extract (which I wasn’t expecting to be honest) and did make my eyes feel less heavy.

Keep them in the fridge so that after a long day, you can haul them out and relax for 5 minutes with icy cold pads over your eyes.


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