Environ Enhancing Vitamin Therapy Facial

Environ Enhancing Vitamin Therapy Facial, R490

Two weeks ago I was invited to experience the Environ Enhancing Vitamin Therapy Facial at Skin Symphony in Bree Street.


The facial was developed to intensively focus on several key areas of concern. It is a targeted treatment that ensures your primary skin care concerns are directly addressed.

The facial starts with a thorough pre-cleanse and cleanse, followed by a very gentle exfoliation. Once me skin was super-clean and smooth, my therapist took a long (quite intense) look at my skin. That week I was being plagued by hormonal breakouts along my jawline, while the rest of my skin was a little dry and lack lustre.

She treated the spotty areas and the blackheads in my nose with the ß-Active Sebumasque mask. This had a slight tingling sensation and was left on for a few minutes. I was promised this would dry the spots out in a day or two.

The DF Machine working its magic
The DF Machine working its magic

Once my spots were dealt with, she applied the Original Balancing Mask mask. This was applied in conjunction with Environ’s exclusive DF II machine. This machine uses iontophoresis (low level electrical current) and sonophoresis (ultra sonic sound waves) conducted through gauze placed over your face. These processes help any product applied under the gauze to penetrate deeper into the skin. The intensity can be adjusted to your comfort level – you’ll feel a mild pins and needles sensation, but not at all painful.

While the DF machine was working away, my therapist gave me the most relaxing foot massage. 20 minutes later, the machine had worked it’s magic, and my skin was topped with Colostrum Gel to help with my pigmentation and finally finished with a layer of RAD SPF15.

Two weeks on and my skin still looks and feels incredible. The spots cleared within two days and haven’t returned. Needless to say I’ve already booked my next treatment!