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The Body Shop Liquid Peels

Oooh, you all know how much I love a non-mechanical exfoliator, and these two from the Body Shop are the business!

Please don’t freak out at the mention of the word ‘peel’. They are super gentle exfoliators, which are FAR better for your skin than those nasty apricot kernel ones, and deliver better results.

What makes this type of better than traditional exfoliators is that they only work on the top layer of skin, so can’t cause any damage. The fruit acids basically dissolve dead skin cells and dirt to reveal soft, smooth skin underneath.

There are currently two variants, one in the Drops of Youth range for a more youthful glow and one in the Vitamin C collection to brighten tired and dull complexions. Both work in the same way: after cleansing, you apply a few pumps to dry skin, and gently massage until little clumps form and then you rinse it off. They only need to be used a couple of time a week to keep skin healthy and glowing.

Which one you choose depends on your skin. I personally use the Vitamin C one more, as my skin tends to be a little lack-lustre, so is often in need of some brightening action. But if fine lines and wrinkles are more your concern, then I’d opt for the Drops of Youth one.

Both are available in all The Body Shop stores now for R225.