Evo Beauty Is Skin Deep Women’s Essentials Kit

Evo Beauty Is Skin Deep Women’s Essentials Kit, R275

Evo Beauty Is Skin Deep Women’s Essentials Kit

What they say:


once was the time when your world was filled with rose-coloured dreams of being swept off your feet; now you’re content with not having your bags nicked before you land. this is a kit of essentials to replace the irreplaceable and keep you looking fresh.


50ml ritual salvation shampoo

50ml ritual salvation conditioner

50ml mane prescription protein treatment

50ml soap dodger body wash

50ml self indulgence body crème


What I say: I’ve already told you about how much I love this brand, and after taking this kit away with me this weekend, I’m even more smitten.

The shampoo and conditioner are just amazing. They leave your hair soft and silky. The protein treatment is my fave – it left my hair so manageable and well behaved, I can barely believe it.

The body wash and crème are both special, indulgent treats for when you’re travelling.

Oh, and everything smells simply heavenly!


To find your nearest Evo stockist, call their head office on 011 447 7706 or 079 514 8794

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