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{ Review } Retail Box Secret Box #29

If you follow me on social media, I’m sure you will have seen the build up and reveal of Retail Box’s #RBSecretBox 29.

Secret Box is a luxury beauty box that is filled with surprise products. They drop hints about what will be in the box on social media for a few days before the launch. The idea behind it is that you get to try premium products at a reduced price, but because you don’t know what you’re getting, you can’t prejudge whether you’ll like them or not. This particular box was just R360, but contained R750 worth of products, as well as a sample.

Now, yes, of course there will be products that you don’t get on with, but I literally have cupboards of products that I test, and I loved all of the products that were in the latest box.

Secret Box #29 was a Styling and Repair Kit from US brand, KMS. There were 3 full sized products and 1 luxury sized sample (that will last me ages). I had never heard of them, let alone tried any of their products.

For the repair side of things, they included KMS Moist Repair Therapy Treatment, R240


This rich mask has a balm-like consistency, so you need very little. It’s a bit different to normal masks in that it doesn’t feel like it’s immediately conditioning it. It’s normally very easy to comb through my hair when wearing a mask, but this took some work to get rid of all the knots. But it was most definitely worth it. After letting it do it’s thing for 5 minutes, my hair literally felt like silk. Considering its texture, it was very easy to wash out, too. My hair was much more manageable and was far less frizzy once dry.

There were three styling products from the brand in the box:

KMS Silk Sheen Styling Crème, R240


Is a lightweight styling crème that also provides heat protection. I tried it both with blow-drying and air drying, and I preferred it when I used heat as it seemed to penetrate better.

It reduced drying time and my hair was much, much less frizzy – I normally end up with baby fluffs all over my head when I blow dry my hair, and there wasn’t a hint of fuzz after using this. It stayed true to it’s light weight formula, too and didn’t weigh my hair down at all.

KMS Hair Stay Maximum Hold Spray, R 270


Is possibly the best hair spray I’ve ever used! It delivers a super firm and long lasting hold, but without any stickiness or crispy bits. I was bridesmaid at a wedding on the weekend, and used copious amounts of it, and after 12 hours it just brushed out! My hair didn’t even feel dirty or greasy afterwards.

KMS Tame Frizz Taming Crème, R270 (this was the 50ml sample)


This is my favourite find from the box. It’s a thick cream that tames frizz like nothing else on earth! I find that almost all other frizz tamers weigh the hair down and leave it greasy after just a few hours, but not this one.

This can also be used to blow dry or air dry, and this I prefer for air drying. It isn’t sticky or heavy – it just leaves your hair beautifully tame. It didn’t interfere with my waves; in fact it defined them better than any curl cream I’ve ever tested.

Two very happy thumbs up for this one!