Skin Republic Foot Rescue Anti-Itch Deodorising Foot Mask

Skin Republic Foot Rescue Anti-Itch Deodorising Foot Mask, R42.99

Skin Republic Foot Rescue

What they say: The Skin Republic Foot Rescue is the first Foot Bootie in South Africa which specifically targets Psoriasis, Eczema, Athlete’s Foot, fungal infections, and itching and burning whilst also deodorising the feet.

Dermatologist tested and packed with natural ingredients, including 18 Plant Extracts, the Skin Republic Foot Rescue soothes burning, redness and irritation without the use of harsh chemicals. More effective than traditional foot creams, the Skin Republic Foot Booties make use of the Transdermal Delivery System helping the skin absorb serum quickly and penetrate deeply into the dermis. The Foot Rescue also has an added cooling effect making it incredibly soothing on the skin.

What we say: A friend of mine is an Iron Man nut type person. He suffers with foot issues due to hours in sweaty shoes. I thought he was the prefect person to gibe these booties a run for their money.

The booties relived my itchiness and cooled my feet almost immediately. After wearing them for 20 minutes, my feet felt much less irritated and were less swollen than usual.

I was so impressed with my first experience that I have been using them twice a week for a month now. I can’t believe the results – my feet are back to normal, despite my increased training programme. I will keep using these, and recommend other sports people give them a try too!