New fragrances from Tommy, DKNY and Armani

Two American houses and Mr Armani have launched limited edition fragrances this month.


Tommy Hilfiger has just launched two fragrances inspired by fun, and developed for peeps with a youthful spirit that embodies openness, confidence and friendship. Tommy Brights and Tommy Girl Brights are set to brighten-up this winter.

Tommy Brights

Tommy Brights gives a modern twist to quality and tradition with an opening blast of juniper berry and grapefruit balanced with the refined touch of galbanum. Fresh cedar wood blends with rock rose and fir balsam to advance the dusky, leathery undertones. White amber and clean musk saturate the skin with warmth – radiating charisma and easy confidence.

Tommy Girl Brights

Tommy Girl Brights charms as bergamot highlights the opening notes of lemon, lavender, geranium and black currant to create a tart, fruity tang with contemporary appeal. The heart note is a bouquet of fresh jasmine, plush mimosa, opulent rose de mai and creamy iris.  Leathery saffron, fir balsam and oakmoss ground the scent, while honey-tea inflections and white musk provide a lingering presence. The fragrance radiates classic cosmopolitan beauty with a modern edge.

Tommy and Tommy Girls Bright 100ml EDT, R565 each; 50ml EDT, R420 each and 30ml EDT, R295 each.

Both fragrances are available at exclusively at selected Stuttafords and Truworths selected.


Next up is two launches from DKNY who brings another reason to celebrate the electric feeling of romance in New York with the introduction of DKNY Limited Edition fragrances for Men and Women.

DKNY Women Limited Edition is a fresh exhilarating fragrance inspired by the effervescence and passion that thrives in New York City.

DKNY Women

Colorful sparkling grapefruit and vibrant Lantana Leaf unleash an invigorating splash of freshness and energy complimented by a succulent burst of juicy pear. An elegant bouquet of white magnolia and luminous water lily wrapped in sweet Linden blossom seduces the senses, creating a radiant and flirtatious heart. The fragrance unwinds into a sheer veil of white musk, creamy sandalwood and hints of warm amber for a lingering sensual feeling.

DKNY Men Limited Edition is a new statement for men inspired by the spirit of the city… a powerful display of excitement, sensuality and attraction.


Top notes of sparkling lime and spicy coriander combined with textured bamboo leaf capture a bold energy. The aromatic heart is a charismatic fusion of geranium, mastic and lavandin, reinforcing the fragrance’s clean freshness and creating a bridge to the provocative woodiness in the base.

A vibrant and rich balance of smooth leather and cashmeran layered against sensual patchouli to create a powerful and magnetic charge.

DKNY Women Limited Edition 100ml, R720 and DKNY Men Limited 100ml, R680 are available at selected retailers now.


And last, but by no means least, Giorgio Armani launches a new incarnation of Acqua di Gioia, Acqua di Gioia eau Fraiche.

Acqua di Gioia

This version has more citrus notes than the previous two. He describes this scent as ‘fresh, transparent and crystalline.’

It opens to a fresh note of grapefruit, mandarin and Primofiore lemon. This gives way to a heart of ylang-ylang, jasmine accord and jasmine tea, before finishing on a rich base of cedarwood, brown sugar accord and musk.

Acqua di Gioia Model

Why another version? Well, there’s more to the bottles and scents than meets the eye. “My inspiration comes from the elements of nature, earth, water and vegetation, examples of invisible sophistication, symbolizing perfection and harmony” says Armani. This version is the third step in his quest for harmony.

Just have a look at this – the reason for the design of the bottle.

The bottle

Acqua di Gioia eau Fraiche is available in 50ml, R720 and 100ml, R880.