Dove Patches video

So Dove has another video…

This one (for me) is MUCH better than the last one, but I found it incredibly sad for some reason.

Watch it before you carry on reading.

Does anybody else find it upsetting that those girls felt so bad about themselves that they honesty thought that a patch would make them feel better about themselves?

It’s interesting – I feel that this has the same undertones I felt with their last video. I feel that they have addressed the issue better with the Patches one. Why do women feel that the whole world is against them? I can’t decide if it’s sad or annoying… The older woman obviously had a major problem with her age. Now, is that because she had a bad experience where, I don’t know, maybe a teenager called her an old lady, or was it, as I suspect, something she has created herself? This harks back to the post I wrote about their Sketches video – we seriously need to start taking responsibility for ourselves and how we feel, instead of blaming the media, models and big companies. This is exactly what they seem to be portraying in this new video, and I like it. It’s. All. In. Our. Heads!

Dove Patches

The fact that a mere ‘beauty patch’ completely changed their outlooks proves my point exactly. So come on ladies, put on your big girl panties, and take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror. How much of that self-loathing has been created by external factors, and how much of it has been created in your mind? Be honest. I know it’s difficult to admit it, but I’m sure nearly all of us have created much of what you worry about on an hourly, daily, weekly, permanent basis.

Now that you’ve read my two cents worth, answer me this: What would you do if I offered you a revolutionary new ‘beauty patch’ that could change the way you feel about yourself?

Tell me – there are hampers up for grabs. I’ll let you know more about the hampers next week, so in the meantime, have a long, hard think about my question.

You can also join the conversation at #BeautyIs

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