How to hide a cold

How much are you not loving this indecisive weather?

How to hide a cold

It’s wonderful we’re getting the odd warm day, but going from 25C one day to 12C the next is no fun at all. If you’ve fallen victim to a horrid change of season cold, I’ve got a few crafty tips for you to hide the evidence.

Brighten your eyes. Your eyes are red and puffy when you’re ill. Get your hands on some brightening eye drops. They will not only help reduce the redness, they will also help to moisturise your eyes. Then conceal any redness on the rims of your eye with a cream or taupe eyeliner. (Steer away from white, as it’s too harsh.)

Rudolph nose be gone. Possibly the biggest giveaway is that sore, red nose from (what seems like) endless blowing. Clinique’s Redness Solutions Make-up SPF15 is designed to colour-correct redness. It will calm the skin and protect it with the help probiotics and antioxidants.

Add some colour. Pale is really not interesting when you’re sick. Add a hint of colour to your complexion with a pop of blush. Apricot is the most universally flattering shade, but any shade will help here. Rimmel, essence and Maybelline all have great options at the moment.

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