Mother’s Day with Nivea Creme

I got the sweetest press release from Nivea for Mother’s Day. Oh, there’s a video too!

 Nivea Creme

I’ve copied the press release below, so that you’ll get the idea behind the video.

“A caring touch this mother’s day with iconic beauty classic NIVEA Crème

In an ever-changing world, isn’t it good to know that some things always stay the same? That familiar smell of a family recipe whisking you back to your childhood. The softness of your mother’s touch. And of course, the classic blue NIVEA Crème, ‘the little blue tin’ as it’s often affectionately referred to.

NIVEA Crème is the perfect way to show your Mom just how much she means to you.

Mom wears many hats– taxi, cook, nurse, teacher and more. She deserves a break, some time for herself, where she’s allowed to be the Queen she is…and that’s where NIVEA comes in….

No other cream is as universal or versatile as this snow white NIVEA Crème with its unmistakable fragrance. It is, indeed, a classic and is ideal for the varied needs of skincare in Africa.”

Just look at this video – heart melting!