Dermafix Facial

A few weeks ago I went for a DermaFix facial at Beauty and Tanning Solutions at Steenberg Village in Tokai.

I was lucky enough to have my treatment done by the owner of the salon*, Jo Fourie. She’s a Dermafix expert (and massive fan) who has endless knowledge on the brand and their products.


Dermafix is a local brand that, if my results are anything to go by, is about to take the skincare world by storm. The brand has been around for 10 years, and specializes in correcting concerns, preventing further damage and protecting the skin from daily aggressors. Although it has products for different skin types, the focus is more on skin concerns. It’s a subtle change from the ordinary, but I really appreciate this approach. Mainly because I don’t know one person who has the exact same ‘skin type’ all over their face. All of us have areas that are either oilier or dryer than others.  The range is comprehensive, with over 50 different products.

I was going to explain my facial to you in a step-by-step manner, but the products used on my face won’t necessarily be the same that you get. Instead, I’m going to tell you about how my skin felt afterwards.

Immediately after the treatment, my skin looked and felt beyond amazing. It was plump and radiant. The most important point here is that my skin was not at all red. (I have the most reactive skin on the planet – if I touch my face it goes red). This means that the calming serum Jo applied worked wonders.

The day after, my skin still looked just as plump and hydrated as it did the day before. A few surface spots had appeared, but they disappeared after a day or two.

After a week, I could still see a marked difference in my skin! I hadn’t changed anything in my routine in this time, so this is an incredible result!

Brightening Exfoliant

A month later, and I have started using their Brightening Exfoliant, R135 – an enzyme rich powder exfoliator. And even now my skin is still showing the benefits. I normally suffer with severe dry patches around the sides of my nose, and there isn’t a dead skin cell in sight!

The products are exceptionally affordable for the quality, too. Prices range from R55 for the Collagen Film Mask to R770 for the super anti-ageing Collagen Conformer.

* Beauty and Tanning Solutions is situated in Steenberg Village in Tokai in Cape Town. It’s a small salon that offers a wide range of face, body and tanning treatments. Jo overseas all aspects of the salon ensuring that all of her customers are treated to the best service and products possible.

If you’d like to book a treatment with Jo (or one of her wonderful girls) contact her on 021 702 4075 or visit their FB page here.