Filorga Hand Filler

Filorga Hand Filler, R550

Filorga Hand Filler

What they say: Filorga HAND-FILLER Anti-Ageing Mask For Hands and Nails is a mask on a pair of gloves form for a boost of youth. It results of a unique targeted process diffusing active ingredients to offer hands a comprehensive rejuvenating treatment:

  • Plumpling action: vector-based delivery of hyaluronic acid combined with a density-boosting, to replump and smooth the skin’s volume,
  • Anti-dark spot action: wheat extract regulates melanin synthesis and reduces pigment marks,
  • Nail treatment: nutrition supplement that strengthens nails and increases their growth potential.

What I say: As with everything Filorga, I love these magic gloves! Before you freak-out at the price, I have to tell you that they can be used 15 times before you have to replace them.

I have become a little addicted to them, so have had to curb my usage. You pop them on for 30 minutes, then rub in the excess once you’re done.

As I spend a fair amount of time messing about at the stables, my hands are not a pretty sight most of the time, regardless of how much hand cream, salve or oil I apply to them. But I honestly could not believe the difference in my skin after just on session! My nails looked healthy (not a common occurrence, I can tell you), my hands looked so much younger, they didn’t look like they belonged to the rest of my body, and the dry patches on the heels of my palms has completely disappeared!

They promise that with continued use, you can turn back the clock on your hands. As your hands are the biggest giveaway of age, this is possibly the best news since sliced bread cauliflower pizza bases.

ROUGE RATING: 6/5! (Yes, it’s THAT good!)