BioNike Defence Sun Face & Body Self-Tanning Lotion

BioNike Defence Sun Face & Body Self-Tanning Lotion, R99.95 (Dis-Chem)

BioNike Self-Tanning Lotion

What they say: Provides an intense, radiant tan in a few hours without exposing to the sun. The exclusive formulation combines an active self-tanning ingredient – DHA – with a special, cutting edge complex named “allomelanin-like” to provide a natural-looking, rapidly-showing, even and golden tan.

The smooth and light texture makes it easy to apply all over the body, without creating unsightly blemishes or streaks. Colour intensity depends on frequency of application and is resistant to water.

What I say: I was seriously impressed with the colour this self-tan achieved on my lily-white skin. Most leave me looking tangerine at best. This one delivered a natural looking, streak-free, golden tan in just a few hours.

The texture was soft and silky. It glided on easily and absorbed well. I wasn’t particularly careful around my knees and ankles, and wasn’t able to find even the slightest hint of a streak or dark patch.

The formula is incredibly hydrating too. Many others I’ve tested dried out the skin and left it feeling flaky. This one seemed to nourish the skin.

My only complaint of the product is the smell. I know that a good self-tan without ant smell has yet to be invented, but this one was very strong. Thankfully it did disappear once I’d showered, and didn’t come back later in the day.

Overall a really good buy – even for the very pale amongst you.



  • Hayley


    I cannot find this product anywhere, been searching every Dischem store for weeks. Please advise where I can get some. Thanks

  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Vanessa/Hayley

    Sorry, as I don’t work for them, I don’t know what the issue is with the stock.
    Your best bet is to call the Dis-chem customer service line and see if they can help you, as they are the sole importers of the brand into SA. You can get hold of them on 086 0347 243 or send them an email here:

    Hope this helps and good luck!