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Fringe Vintage Hair Salon

As most of you know, I’m a Simon’s Town girl. I grew up there and my mum and little sister are still there.


This year I made a conscious decision to start supporting local brands wherever I could.

A few months ago, I noticed a seriously cool looking hair salon next to my favourite patisserie (The Sweetest Thing – their Chocolate Mousse Cake is the best thing invented…). Anyway, I digress. Fringe Vintage Salon has the cutest décor I’ve ever seen in a salon.

Exterior Sign

I’d been looking for a ‘regular’ hairdresser for a while, and thought this would be an ideal opportunity to support local and give them a try.


I called the salon one day on the off chance that they’d have a spot for me. They did, and I’m so glad because I’ve finally found a stylist that ‘gets’ my hair in owner, Chantelle.


She is incredibly meticulous – something that I really appreciate in a stylist. She will spend extra time to make sure your hair is exactly how you want it. And she will give suggestions to make sure the style you have in mind is the best for your hair and face shape. I gave her a few pics as references, and I left with exactly what I asked for.

She is also open to any ideas. And I mean any. I’ve been to so many hairdressers who won’t do or even try what I want. I’ve been toying with the idea of going pink for a while now (I blame my dear friend Kelli, who took the plunge earlier this year). Most other stylists just say it will damage my hair, and that’s the end of it. It’s no problem for Chantelle! She’s suggested the best way to go about it. Although, it probably helps that she has My Little Pony Pink hair herself…

Hair Station

Back to the décor – it’s a treasure trove of all things vintage. It started as mainly 40s and 50s kitsch, but has evolved into an eclectic mix from the 20s to 80s. Stepping into the salon is like stepping back in time. It just makes you smile! The retro soundtrack helps add to the vibe, too.

Getting my hair did

My favourite part of the salon is the upstairs washbasins, where you watch vintage films in subtitles while getting your hair washed. I had to be dragged away from Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

View from the wash basins
View from the wash basins

Chantelle and her team use only the very best in professional organic colour from Goldwell Nectaya, Elumen and Naturalmente. And your hair style/treatment carries a two week satisfaction guarantee! Where else have you ever seen that at a salon?

As if all this wasn’t enough, the Fringe team also officially supports a local safe house for trafficked women and the SOZO foundation in skills development. I love the idea of supporting local businesses that support their local communities.

If you are CT based, I highly recommended you give Chantelle and her professional team a visit. If you aren’t CT based, I hope I’ve convinced you to support local!

Here are all of Chantelle’s deets, so you can make a booking.

Fringe Vintage Hair Salon

83 St George’s Street, Simon’s Town

021 786 4282