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Does your hair need moisture, protein, or both?

Hands up if you feel a little over-whelmed at the sheer number of hair products there are on the market. I promise you, you’re not alone – as with skincare, I think there is so much false information out there about hair care and what you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ be doing.

The biggest issue for me is the moisture vs. protein debate, and how to tell which your hair needs. Obviously, the only person to ask was my stylist, David Gillson, who broke it down into simple terms for us below.

How can a client tell if they need moisture or keratin?

Generally, thick, curly and ethnic hair lacks moisture, while chemically treated and fine hair needs protein.

If you hair knots easily or lacks shine, you are probably lacking moisture.

Can you have too much of either?

Yes, definitely. Too much protein in the hair will make it stringy, sticky and prone to breakage, and too much moisture will make your hair lank, heavy and greasy.

The most abundant protein in our hair is keratin, and that is why you hear the word thrown about so much in hair circles. So when you see keratin as an ingredients, it means it’s adding protein.

It’s important to remember that the hair you see is actually dead (like the tips of your nails), so many treatment you use will only be a temporary measure. If you hair is seriously lacking in anything, you will have to adjust your diet according, and wait for the damaged hair to grow out.

Which treatments should clients ask for in the salon for each?

Well, actually, my current obsession is the new Davines On Protection treatment. It helps repair the hair shaft, and restores both the hydration and protein levels in the hair. It’s an all in one for people with lack-lustre hair.

Which at-home products do you recommend for each?

Chemically damaged hair should look at the Davines Naturaltech Keratin Nourishing line, while naturally dry hair will benefit from the Davines Oi and Momo collections.

You can get David to work his magic on your hair most days at Carlton Hair Hyde Park (011) 325 4916, but he also makes regular trips down to Carlton Hair Constantia Village (021) 794 4417. For more hair and fashion trend inspiration, you can follow him on Instagram here.

Healthy hair holding image: Sixsmith for Shutterstock.