Get the Modern Beehive look with Trevor Sorbie

This neat, but modern shape is pure elegance, and works beautifully with smoky eyes for evening drama, or pared down for a chic daytime look.


To achieve this look you need:

  • Hair donut to suit your hair colour
  • Styling Invisible Hold Mousse, R119.95
  • Styling Dry Shampoo, R119.95
  • Large Sectioning Clips
  • Bobby Pins to suit your hair colour
  • Styling Firm Hold Hairspray, R119.95
  • Straight Protect & Shine Spray, R119.95



Step 1: Prepare hair with Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, and while it is still damp, evenly distribute Invisible Hold Mousse throughout the hair. Hair needs to have as much movement as possible for this style. Section the hair in two, vertically from behind the ears, up and across the crown. At the centre of this parting, place a hair donut, and secure firmly with grips.





Step 2: Take the lower half of hair, and smooth it upwards towards the donut. Tuck the hair up and into the centre of the donut, securing where needed with grips. Spray this lower section of hair with Firm Hold Hairspray to keep it sleek, and in place.





Step 3: To create extra body and texture through the top section of the hair, use the Dry Shampoo. This product will create a matt texture, perfect to help build volume with backcombing. Section the hair in horizontal layers, and using a Tease Comb, backcomb each section. Don’t rub the comb up and down the hair, instead place it at the ends of the hair and push firmly down to the root. Remove the comb and repeat this technique until the hair has the height you require.






Step 4: Gently smooth the hair back using the outside edge of the Cushion Brush, and tuck the ends of the hair into the centre of the donut, and secure. Leave a piece of hair free to frame the face – spray the finished look with Firm Hold Hairspray, and a light misting of Protect & Shine Spray, to replace the shine that was lost when using texturizing products for backcombing.