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{ How to } Get shiny hair

The question I get asked most about hair styling to how to get shine…well, here you go.

In order to get shine, the cuticle of your hair needs to be flat. Heat tools, colouring as well as volumising and texturising products all contribute to damaging the cuticle. Ironically, the best way to achieve this shine is by using heat tools! But these steps will explain how to protect your hair during styling, while still creating a shiny, glossy finish, no matter what type of hair you have.


  • Whether you have straight or long hair, make sure you use moisturising shampoo and conditioners – you want your hair to have as much nourishment as possible. The new NAK Aromas Smooth collection will work a treat.
  • Sorry, but you really won’t be able to get high shine without a strong hair dryer (at least 2000W). They needn’t cost the earth – Clicks has a great selection.
  • Same goes for flat irons – the plates need to be ceramic, as this won’t tear and pull the hair. If you can find one with tourmaline ceramic plates – even better, as tourmaline increases shine. You can never go wrong with a ghd, but if that is outside your budget, try Babyliss (also available at Clicks).
  • Try not to touch your hair – fiddling will make it frizzy!


  1. Take a drop of serum or oil (and I mean a drop – if you use too much, you hair will look greasy), and work it through towel-dried hair, then comb through. My favourite is MoroccanOil Original Treatment. If you have very fine hair, rather use a lightweight styling spray, like Pantene Aqua Light Nourishing Spray and mist all over your head instead.
  2. The easiest way to a shiny blow dry is the nozzle, which concentrates the airflow to smooth the cuticle. It’s for this reason that you should always blow dry in a downwards direction for a shiny finish. Set the dryer on high, and aim it over the hair with a round brush.
  3. When the hair is 100% dry, apply a heat protection spray, (I love FHI Heat Hot Sauce) and start-up your flat iron. Iron the hair in small sections to make sure you flatten the cuticle.
  4. To finish, spritz some more shine shine spray onto a brush, and skim it lightly over your hair.


  1. Start by gently spreading a small blob of curl cream through damp hair. I’ve gotten great results with Charles Worthington Curl Definer. Be careful not to tug, as this will damage the cuticle. This first step is very important for curly hair, as it tends to be drier than straight hair.
  2. Next, attach the diffuser to your hair dryer, and blow dry on the highest heat setting. Hold the dryer under your hair, cup the ends in your hand, and gently lift as you dry.
  3. The smoother the hair, the shiner it will look, so seal the cuticle with a curling iron once the hair is dry. Apply a heat protection spray, and wrap sections around the closed barrel.
  4. Finally, mist all around with a shine spray like Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine. Make sure you don’t apply too much, hold the bottle about a foot away.
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