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New in from Sisley

Sisley launched some gorgeous new makeup additions in May. I’ve been wearing them for a few months now, and am loving them all.

First up is the Instant Correct in Just Lavender (R1110). It’s a colour correcting primer indicated for pale skin with yellow undertones (basically me in 5 words). It neutralizes uneven skin tone and smoothes out the complexion.

The formula is lightweight and super hydrating, and creates a beautiful canvas for makeup. It contains pigmentation fighting ingredients, too, but as I’m using retinol and Vitamin C, I couldn’t say whether this has made a difference or not.

Next is the Phyto-Khol Star range (R675 each). I loves these waterproof, automatic, retractable pencils, as they deliver rich pigments with decent bendability, that once set, stay put all day. They are perfect to create a delicate line, but work just as well as a full lid colour, too. The built-in sharpener means they are ideal for your handbag.

Sparkling Grey and Sparkling Black are the ones I have, and have proved versatile and are new staples in my collection.

And finally, my favourite addition is the new shades in the Phyto-Lip Twist Matte range (R607 each). I’ve said before that if you want a matte finish, but don’t want dry lips, (I mean, who does?) then these are the babies to try.

I’d even venture so far as to say that they are ‘almost’ as good as the Nars Velvet Lip Pencils. Not quite, but as Nars isn’t available here, I’ll happily buy these instead. And thanks to the beveled tip, and twist up function, you never have to sharpen or reshape it.

The shade I adore is 21 Ruby; it’s the prettiest berry shade. I’ve been wearing it non-stop, and have gotten more compliments than with any other lips shade I’ve ever worn.

You’ll find all the new launches at Sisley counters nationwide.