Lacoste L!VE

Lacoste launches a new fragrance for the urban, modern man.

Lacoste L!ve

Lacoste L!ve Pour Homme has been launched to complete the brand’s clothing line of the same name. This idea is not new to the brand, as the L.12.12 fragrance collection was inspired by the iconic polo shirt with the crocodile on the breast. L!ve takes this a step further, however, by focusing on perspectives too.

The juice is incredibly fresh, but with a twist at the base. The top opens to a powerful shot of lime before giving way to a heart of green leaves and sea notes. The base note is a bizarre combination of Guaiac wood and licorice! This sounds revolting, but actually gives the fragrance some depth. My boyf is a life-time loather of all things licorice, and even he likes this!

The bottle of the scent is a navy blue cube, edged by white, red and black. The team behind the scent describe the bottle as: “Visual is everything. 
Edgy. Strong. Playful. A cube cut clean with contemporary colours providing a base for creative minds to build upon. Defined and recognisable ensuring when you see it you don’t forget it.”

Lacoste Live

Using the idea of perspective as a launch pad was a natural step in the marketing of this new fragrance, so the brand has launched the #NEWPERSPECTIVE campaign. “New Fragrance, New perspective.” The goal of the digital campaign is to raise awareness of the new fragrance and position the fragrance and brand as a champion of modern creativity. They have acknowledged that their audience is the Instagram generation, the digital-marketing savvy young creatives who are passionate about digital photography and social media.

Lacoste Live

You can get involved in the campaign by tagging your new perspective shots with the #NEWPERSPECTIVESA tag. You can see some of my shots over on my Instagram (@emmyjuno) account here.

They have also created a very cool ad campaign that, of course, plays on perspective and optic illusions. It was directed by H5 and coordinated by Grey Advertising.

The fragrance arrives as 40ml EDT, R515 and 100ml EDT, R865.